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DG master of jewelry display showcase is world-wide supplier of custom high end retail jewelry showcases,watch showcases,luxury showcases, museum showcases, cosmetic showcases, optical showcases, clothing display showcases,etc for 23 years. We bring toge...

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India Luxury jewelry showroom is a large street store area, designers according to the latest fashion to create a high-end luxury store.The customer opened the first store of this brand, and the jewelry positioning and style is high-end young fashion;??Designers integrated the most popular design style and showcase style, with high-end luxury leather as the main element, more highlights the high-end and luxury of the whole store.


Bahrain jewelry brand project signed a cooperation agreement with DG Master of Display Showcase in 2019, this project was planned and provided services by DG professional and senior designer team. Such as the brand pictographic shop design layout, showcase production, post-installation and other one-stop output. Our project was awarded by our clients and their clients.


LAOFENGXIANG LUXURY shop project Retaining the elements of Lao Fengxiang brand culture, through the fashion, the trend of high-end market of showcase, make out the new design, make them both have brand core elements, but also have high-end and luxury design, make the whole store image more unique, and more attractive.


US Luxury Magnolia Jewelry shop project is a commercial center street shop in New York City of United States, shop area of about 80 square meters, positioning is the mid and high-end jewelry, consumers are mainly in the mid and high-end, it is a old shop for other items before, after signing contract, needs comprehensive design improvement, hope that through our new design makes customer a new and unique brand image


This project is a high end jewelry brand store. For space design concept, customers expect a very personalized and experience-oriented space. In the design of boutique display cabinets, it breaks the conventional appearance design of jewelry display cabinets. The design of folded edges is more distinctive. At the same time, stainless steel seamless welding process is adopted, which made the whole shop color is uniform and the texture is excellent, which complements the display of the product.


DG Master of Display Showcase won many brands of customer's trust by leading industry technology and quality service, and receive so many praises in the world. Every customer praise motivate us to move forward! Recently DG have received the Indian jewelry customers'praise . Customers feel very amazing on our product.


Few jewelry brands have such an illustrious history as the House of Harry Winston. Founded in New York City in 1932, by Mr. Harry Winston.Known throughout his life as the "King of Diamonds", and the "Jeweler to the Stars", Mr. Winston's innovative design philosophy,just like DG's craftsmanship.


The Curator of the Philippines National Cultural Museum and his wife came to Guangzhou on Oct., 2016, willing his project could be finished early through workers hard working. Because this project is very complicated and important, but DG Master of Display Showcase completed this project very fast and perfectly.


Cultural Museum Project in Philippines The whole is a metal frame structure, the surface is treated by high temperature and dust-free electrostatic spraying process, the U-shaped aluminum groove is independently developed, and special aluminum alloy profiles are used. Using 6+0.76+6mm laminated safety ultra-clear glass, it has the functions of anti-theft and anti-damage when damaged. Remote-controlled electric strut lift-up opening method + museum-specific locking and fixing device. With high performance, anti-technical theft features. Part of the space is left blank, and the simplicity contains a lot of details, and the details are refined. It seems to be a pure space, but it integrates all human perceptions. The large-area exhibition countertop is specially made of linen hard cover. The flexibility of linen is contrasted with the tough and delicate copper edge, which greatly enhances the sense of spatial hierarchy. Linen can also bring a quiet sound field and its inherent natural bump texture. Audio-visual touch, they are no longer limited to a moment and a place, but stretch into every inch of air that enters the space, every breath.


UK luxury store customer had an investigation and visit in DG furniture. This customer sourced many Chinese manufacturers on the internet, in the after communication with each other, the customer said that he found so many display showcase manufacturer, and most of them had no real strength to do the project better, he also told us some secret when he was selecting the manufacturers.


Crystal is one of the most enigmatic forms – at once representative of extraordinary geological forces of unfathomable spatial and temporal dimension, and next a legendary artifice of Venetian glass makers. Self-replicating, but not alive, in its natural state it is a phenomenon the visual perfection of which is virtually unattainable.


Chow Tai Fook high-end luxury jewelry brand project Retaining the elements of CHOW TAI FOOK brand culture, through the fashion, the trend of high-end market of showcase, make out the new design, make them both have brand core elements, but also have high-end and luxury design, make the whole store image more unique, and more attractive; Traditional cabinet design and display limited space no longer meet consumers' demand for jewelry. Therefore, the customer hopes to improve the image of the whole store, add more high-end and luxurious elements, and enhance the space collocation design of the whole cabinet to increase the sales of the store.


GERMANI has been established as an Italian Brand in Australia since 1985; GERMANI became a house hold name for Fine Jewellery since the exclusive sponsorship of a national TV show Sale of the Century for 13years from 1988 to 2001.From Germani cooperated with DG with new branding image,the brand received more and more customers and boost their sale with the new store look.

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