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4 skills to teach you to judge the quality of high-gloss piano lacquer showcase

Many consumers are a bit blind when buying display cabinets, and do not know how to choose a good quality factory and display cabinet company. The price of various kinds of display cabinets on the market varies greatly, so how to judge the quality of the display cabinets? DG display showcase today to teach you 3 strokes to judge the quality of display cabinets.

We all know that baking paint showcase is basically made of density board to do the grassroots production and made out of the finished product we basically from the appearance is unable to see the counter quality good and bad, so only through time to prove. We can use the following methods to determine how the counter workmanship and quality.

1. Look at the design. Cabinet design generally have to meet the ergonomics, but at present many display cabinet factory such a problem, randomly pull a designer can design. Display cabinet industry is different from other industries, ergonomics is very important, or display cabinet looks uncoordinated, and reduce customer experience.

2.See whether the paint surface is smooth, the degree of flow paint. A good display cabinet factory in the baking paint after the whole counter is very smooth, here especially black paint is more obvious. A good quality black paint can basically show the effect of the mirror.


3.Look at the counter light line alignment. A good showcase general alignment is basically horizontal and vertical, and with the line is basically a brand wire and line pipe. And the general showcase factory in order to reduce costs deliberately use the quality is not very good wire, here must pay attention to the wire. According to the survey more than 70% of the users are basically not very much attention to the counter wire. We should know that the counter lights are a certain power, when the power is too large, the load is too large when the wire will heat up, serious will cause unnecessary fire hazards. So DG display showcase remind the majority of users must pay attention to the quality and brand of the wire used in the counter.

4.Next is to see the counter details. The counter with glass to see how the glass glue, how flat, how the quality of the drawer slide to, how clear the light box painting, and finally is to see the packaging. Good showcase factory general factory before the journey is far, will use wooden packaging, and general small showcase factory in order to save costs or will use carton packaging. We can imagine the weight of wooden counter so heavy. Can carton packaging play a protective role?

The above is DG provide 4 judgment high gloss piano lacquer display cabinet tips, hope you have help.

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