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6 Core Culture of DG Master of Display Showcase

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扫一扫!6 Core Culture of DG Master of Display Showcase扫一扫!
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Customer First

  1. 1.Live to serve our customers.

  2. 2.Smile, respect and be sincere to our customers in any situation.

  3. 3.Based on the principles insist to treat our customers with the way they like .

  4. 4.Consider my position as customers to reach even surpass customers’ expectation.

  5. 5.Balance customer demands and company benefit well to seek for win-win result.

  6. 6.Focus on customer needs, provide advice and information,help clients grow.



1.Share and bear together, ordinary men create extraordinary contribution.

2.Be willing to share experience and knowledge, teaching is learning.

3.With an open mind to listen to the others’ opinions;

4.Expressing opinionsbe frank but keep taboo.

5.Work with collective wisdom and concerted efforts,to remedy defects;

6.Never shirk the jobs of others.

7.Fully comment before decision,resolutely implement after post-decision.

8.With sense of ownership,active participation to promote the team construction.


3.Embracing Change

1.Embrace change and innovation.

2.Serious thinking and understanding,positive acceptance of the

changes of the industry and company.

3.Treat rational, communicate well, and sincerity to cope with the influence caused

by changing.

4.Facing changes,positive affect and drive the colleagues.

5.Work with the foresight consciousness; Keep trying new methods and new ideas.

6.Though setbacks and failures come after changed, can also be readjusted,

in a more positive attitude to embrace change next time.



1. Honesty and integrity,says it will do

2.Open heart,to talk about actions or issues, not the person.

3.To walk the talk,without being affected by interests or pressure.

4.Admits mistakes and take responsibility bravely.

5.Don't spread unconfirmed news,don’t irresponsible talk about things

and people at the back.

6.Adhere to principles,involuntary commitment or compromise.



1.Be optimistic, never say die.

2.Love your own job , identify with DG Group’s culture.

3.Love DG Group, consider the overall situation ,

no thought to personal gains and losses.

4.With a positive attitude to face the daily work,never give up but constantly self-motivation

5.when encountering difficulties and setbacks, make efforts to improve performance.

6.Always make influnces on colleagues and team with optimism spirit.

7.Continually set higher goals,today's best performance will be tomorrow 's lowest request.


1.Professional dedication,strive for excellence.

2.Don't put off till tomorrow what should be done today;Don’t put the job onto others’ shoulders.

3.Focus on the work, doing the right things.

4.Work in small input with high-efficiency output.

5.Deal everything with a professional attitude and ordinary mentality.

6.Continuous learning and improving,today's best performance will be

tomorrow 's lowest request.

Teamwork and collaboration

Courage to pioneer

Never leave or forsake

Create the brilliancy together


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