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China's national jewelry brand “Lao Fengxiang“ and “Dinggui Showcase Master“ join forces

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扫一扫!China's national jewelry brand 扫一扫!
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Project Name: Shandong Laofengxiang High-end Flagship Store Project
Project address: Shandong Ginza
Project area: 150 square meters
Project start time: 2021.11.23
Project completion time: 2022.01.20
On November 23, 2021, Dinggui Showcase Master and the Chinese national brand "Lao Fengxiang" tied the knot. After two months, they successfully built a high-end flagship store for Lao Fengxiang, a national jewelry brand. The Chinese national brand Lao Fengxiang aims to create classics and share The company's vision is to become a domestic leader in quality, a first-class and internationally renowned brand in Asia, making it a new wind vane in the jewelry industry, setting off a new wave for the jewelry industry, and promoting breakthroughs and innovations in the store image of the jewelry industry.

This project is located in the Ginza shopping mall, a high-end shopping mall in Shandong. The design and display volume of traditional jewelry showcases can no longer meet the needs of consumers for jewelry. For this reason, the client hopes to retain the cultural elements of Laofengxiang brand through fashion and high-end market trends. A new design for the jewelry counter, adding more high-end luxury elements, makes the entire store image more unique and attractive, and enhances the sales of the entire brand store.


▲Before the renovation of Laofengxiang Shandong Ginza store, the stores were all traditional row-type counters. The materials used in the design and style were very simple. The main materials were hardware and glass. Tradition, let alone differentiation.


As a local landmark building in Shandong, Ginza Mall has won the love and trust of consumers. It is also a key backbone enterprise in the field of commercial and trade circulation in Shandong Province, and a large-scale retail group supported by the provincial government. It ranks among the top 5 retail groups in the country.
As a strategic partner of Laofengxiang, Dinggui Showcase Master has used 23 years of industry precipitation and cooperation experience with international brands to analyze the existing conditions and shopping mall environment, and formulate a perfect project plan, from space design—— Factory production-every step of on-site installation is carried out closely, and the active cooperation of customers and Dinggui is inseparable from this process, and this project can be successfully implemented.


▲The overall space design scheme of Lao Fengxiang


▲The overall space design scheme of Lao Fengxiang

With the Spring Festival approaching and the epidemic situation, the factory is working overtime every day to produce and manufacture. Dinggui actively assists customers in providing transportation services. When the whole batch of goods arrives at the customer's store site, our professional installation team is already in place. After 7 days of reasonable overall arrangement by the team , Effective division of labor and cooperation, professional installation technology, from cabinet assembly, equipment debugging, functional testing, to the final acceptance of the customer on time, quality and quantity. Many thanks to the entire team for their dedication and cooperation.


▲Dinggui staff installed on-site Laofengxiang jewelry store

With Dinggui's 23-year one-stop output concept, the final customer opened as scheduled, and the overall installation and landing effect restored the entire design concept to the greatest extent, making the store image look very high-end and atmospheric, and the installation effect of the entire store was received by shopping malls and The leaders of the Laofengxiang brand spoke highly of them and were very satisfied with our Dinggui products. They helped customers with professional ability and won the recognition and trust of customers.





▲The final result of Laofengxiang Jewelry Store

Guangzhou Dinggui Furniture Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the humanization of products and the innovation of research and development technology, and each new launch is highly in line with the needs of the market. Dinggui is not a traditional processor, but an expert who truly solves problems for customers. In the company culture, "revering every penny of customers and respecting every minute of customers" is not a lie. Dinggui has really done it, thank you For the trust and support of Lao Fengxiang, we still have a lot of room for improvement in the whole project. Thank you for your tolerance and understanding. We have also grown a lot. It is the market and customers that have made great achievements. , work hard to create greater value for customers, and wish Lao Fengxiang a prosperous business!


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