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DG Cooperate With Japanese Museum to Make Best Museum Showcases

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Museums, once merely the repositories of various collections and static displays must nowadays compete for audience attention with a host of electronic educational and entertainment media. Every day, hand-held devices and interactive video media captures more and more of people's time and attention. As electronic information and entertainment delivery systems increasingly dominate our culture, designers of museum displays and exhibit booths must take into account that the prospective visitor has many choices when deciding where and how to spend his time.

Recently, DG completed the proofing of the Japanese Bushido Museum project. Sample work and function are perfect. Although the display style of the museum showcase is relatively simple. However, the seemingly simple cabinet needs to be polished by 24 processes, and the development of functions, air tightness testing and other complicated work. Material used is very particular.

Japanese customers have always been rigorous and careful. When they saw the sample cabinet, they were very happy. They carefully studied every detail of the cabinet. With the exquisite craftsmanship and technology, the customers were very satisfied after the inspection and they were full of praise for our professionalism. . I also thank the customers for their trust and the hard work of the factory workers.

During the inspection, there is also a very good interactive session. The client asks the professional project manager and the site design and construction personnel for their own problems, and they all get one response. Helping customers create value makes our company's philosophy.

Finally, in order to thank the customers for coming from afar, the company specially arranged a special banquet for the customers and other parties, and also wished the beginning of a formal and pleasant cooperation. The client also said that he is now assured that the showcase of the entire museum project will be delivered to us. With this responsibility, we believe that we will continue to work hard to create value for our customers and to satisfy every customer.

Following is the 3D drawings of Japanese Museum Showcase


Finished Product of Japanese Museum Project


Highest Quality With Best Function to Protect the Culture Relic from Damage



In the inspection of the goods,The Japanese client feel very happy about the finished products and feel exceed his expectation.


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