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High end watch shop display furniture design in Canada

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扫一扫!High end watch shop display furniture design in Canada扫一扫!
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This brand is a high end chain brand in Canada.They specified in high end customized watch.But because of increased competition, the CEO of this watch shop hope to find a company that are professional in design and manufacture of watch shop display furniture.

watch shop display

Finally they find DG furniture by website.After brief communication online, the CEO decided to take his team to China for his watch shop design.In the office, DG professional design team analysis their sales date,their customer and their competitor.DG furniture give their some shop design ideas.The watch shop owner feel very amazed by DG design team.

watch shop display

watch shop display

Then they go to DG factory to check the quality and production ability.They feel surprised again.As the baking painting is very smoothly and beautiful.All of the details is very perfect.And DG have wooden the biggest dust free baking paint workshop.Finally they decide to cooperate with DG.

In this watch shop,DG design team used black color as a main color and want to give customer a welcome feeling.Whole of the shop design let customer feel very comfortable and high end.

After finished installation, the customer feel very satisfied with the shop look.So They send us very good reputation and video.


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