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How to Make Your jewelry display case

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A  jewelry showcase with lock can be used to protect your luxury and precious jewelries at fairs and markets, or just to keep your jewelry safe when displaying at home. Making your own display cabinet will give you much more options in size and design than buying one made by someone else.If you have some ideas about design a jewelry display case and also know the size very well and feel trouble to implement such big project,then you can make the professional furniture company to help you turn your imagination into reality.And if you want to make a DIY gadget,then this article will explain how to make your own jewelry cabinet with lock.

1.Choose two photo frames that are in the same size. This will make your display case body. Remove the the frame and cardboard and clean the glass thoroughly. Following the instructions on the bottle of epoxy glue. Keep the glass in the frames and allow to dry.


2.Once the glue has dried, place the frames on top of each other with the glass on the top and bottom. On the longest side of the bottom frame, measuring 3 inches from the edge and mark with a pencil. Do the same from the other side, then repeat on the top frame.

3.Now,take your hinges and screws that go with them. Most hinges require two screws each. Start on the bottom frame. Use your drill or screwdriver to attach the first hinge , then the second. Place the other picture frame on top of the bottom frame. Make sure they wash. Screw the hinges in the top frame.

4.Use your ruler, find the center of your jewelry case at the edge opposite of the hinges. Mark it with your pencil. The close box lid lock will come with a key. Use the key to unlock the lock before attaching them. You now have two pieces that make your conclusion. Use the hardware that came with the lock, and attach it to your frames. Make sure that it will line up and lock when closed.


5.Now you will need to insert for the inside of the case. On the insert where you will attach your jewelry. Take a piece of cardboard and cut it to fit inside the bottom of the case. You can also use the card you removed from the picture frame. Cut your cotton batting to the top of the cardboard and glue it in place with the hot glue gun to apply. If the cotton batting is thin, you may want to attach a few layers. Then take a length of fabric and turn the card as a present, with the batting side on top. Glue the fabric in place and then put the wrapped cardboard in the bottom of your jewelry display case.



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