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One-stop customization of DG showcase for experiential service

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扫一扫!One-stop customization of DG showcase for experiential service扫一扫!
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With the change of consumer attitudes, services have risen to a new height. We consume not only the goods themselves, but also a service. In the same way, the showcase production industry has undergone earth-shaking changes. In addition to its high quality and innovative design, DG master of Display Showcase is committed to providing experiential services to its customers.

Just as the layout and functions of the mall are more and more diversified, more and more convenient and comfortable, the customized experience service of DG master of Display Showcase has been working hard in this direction.


Last week, a number of customers successively reached a partnership with DG. After thinking over, they finally chose to customize the jewelry showcase to DG Showcase. So why do they choose to DG?

Is it because our salesperson can say it? of course not. Customizing the entire store's jewellery showcases, such a major event will certainly not be decided by a single word. It is necessary to compare various aspects of the various manufacturers in the early stage. After narrowing the scope, we must visit the company and the factory for field visits. How can the strength of this company be truly displayed in this link? Whether it is true in the negotiations, it will be clear at this moment. As usual, DGi Showcase received a lot of visiting customers last week, and the company and the factory are really showing the strength and never falsifying. It is the strength, quality and service of DG, let them choose to showcase the custom jewelry showcase.


Secondly, DG showcases treat all customers equally. No matter domestic or foreign, how many jewelry showcases are our most valued customers, all in accordance with the standard process. We don't want to be slow because of the small number of customers' customization, and we won't treat them differently because of the large number of customization; we will not be impatient because of the strict requirements of customers. On the contrary, we welcome such customers because every part of us also Very strict, the rigor of the customer can help us to do better.


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