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【Philippines】National Museum Showcase Design

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扫一扫!【Philippines】National Museum Showcase Design扫一扫!
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The Curator of the Philippines National Cultural Museum and his wife came to Guangzhou on Oct., 2016, willing his project could be finished early through workers hard working. Because this project is very complicated and important, at the very beginning the Curator was very worry weather he could find an excellent manufacture in China to finish this project or not, meanwhile weather it could meet his demand on craft and schedule or not.










The fact is that his choice is right. Through talking with him, we know that he chose us is because our ability and worker’s craft made him trusting that we could meet his requirements and his expectation. He said that not only our clinging mind on solving client’s questions, but also our design and our products’ function, all surprised him. When this project finished, the Curator was very excited and satisfied, and said will keep cooperating with us in the future. In his words, our worker also felt very proud on helping our client to reach their expectation


During the inspection, the Curator inspected very carefully. Each little things and those points he all asked our chief inspector, and being answered clearly each by each. Accompanied by our General Manager Mr. Yang, the Curator were very happy on inspection all his cabins and deeply impressed by our craftsman spirit.





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