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Swarovski Cooperate with DG master of Display Showcase to develop their new store image

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扫一扫!Swarovski Cooperate with DG master of Display Showcase to  develop their new store image扫一扫!
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Crystal is one of the most enigmatic forms – at once representative of extraordinary geological forces of unfathomable spatial and temporal dimension, and next a legendary artifice of Venetian glassmakers. Self-replicating, but not alive, in its natural state it is a phenomenon the visual perfection of which is virtually unattainable. It is in these supernatural and phenomenological characteristics of mineral and glass that DG master of display showcases's designeralbert has located a medium of enormous cultural resonance.


A designer who works across product, interior and exhibition design, albert’s recent shop fitout for Swarovski’s flagship boutique, carves crystal into a spatial envelope that reflects back aspirations of lavish consumer culture


Opened in the spring of 2018, this 450-square metre, two-floored retail space is a rectilinear geode cavern – as if drained after submerged for millions of years in an overheated, mineral-rich Tokyo bay. Adorned with an array of simulations of stylised geological rock formations, concentric banding, typically found in geodes, is substituted with vertical patterning. Over 1500 hexagonal, stainless-steel rods form the grotto-like fa?ade that frames the threshold to the main entrance. Once inside, mirrored quartz transforms into acrylic, milky quartz shards of interior wall panelling. There is, however, nothing mineral in either these appliqués or the exquisite lead crystal glass objets d’art on sale – as true crystalline structure is absent in glass. Swarovski crystal owes its spectacular specular reflection to the mixture of lead oxide and molten glass and the precision craftsperson that shapes its internal reflection.


Between the embedded and freestanding display cases filled with jewellery, figurines, vases and bridal sets, one finds moments where albert places contemplative, mythical works. On the first floor a frozen shaft of falling irregular shaped crystals puddles onto the floor. The second floor contains a smaller iteration of previous ceiling installation  from collaboration with Lexus L-finesse Evolving Fibre Technology in Milan.

Thanks for swarovski  choose to cooperate with DG master of display showcase and we believe the success store design and build will surely bring back more for itsself.and we keep our faith to help more brands success in the future and increase their brand identity and sales.


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