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High-End Jewelry Project In Saudi Arabia

Project (completion time): October 25, 2021
Time: April 11, 2021
Location: Saudi Arabia
Area (M²): 100 m² / 100sqm This brand project is mainly based on the main colors of youth and fashion. Silver mirror stainless steel and white high-gloss piano painting are used as accents, which add a high-end avant-garde atmosphere to the space and enrich the entire space. The entire store space is divided according to product categories, and the display is rich; and in order to increase the time customers stay in the store, in the design of the flow of people, we have designed a loop-type moving line composition to prevent consumers from taking repeated paths and affecting shopping. The experience also allows consumers to appreciate the products in the store at one time. The whole space planning is sparse, not crowded, so it looks simple and generous, and at the same time creates a comfortable shopping space and environment for customers. Promote customer shopping, and give customers a good mood, thereby increasing the store's transaction rate.

    Customer Blank Shop

    At present, the shops are all traditional and old-fashioned design styles. The old and traditional display collocation and stereotyped space collocation make the whole store look less unique and more traditional.

Design Concept

The whole installation effect restored the whole design concept maximum, even surpass the 3D design, making the whole store image look very high-end and luxury.

Trial Assembly Of Factory Finished Products

As soon as the production is completed, we assist customer to provide transportation services. At the same time, it provides professional installation guidance, so that the customer's on-site team can effectively divide the labor and cooperate, effective division of labor cooperation, professional installation technology, from the cabinets assembly, equipment debugging, function testing,to the end finished perfectly and with good reputation from customer.

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