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US Luxury Jewelry shop project

Project (completion time): July 1, 2022
Time: April 29, 2022
Location: USA
Area (M²): 120 m² / 120sqm
This project is a commercial center street shop in New York City of United States, shop area of about 120 square meters, positioning is the mid and high-end jewelry, consumers are mainly in the mid and high-end, it is a old shop for other items before, after signing contract, needs comprehensive design improvement, hope that through our new design makes customer a new and unique brand image.

    Customer Blank Shop

    This shop is located in a commercial street in New York. It is an old shop. After signing the contract, the customer needs to do the overall renovation and design .

Design Concept

The store is a street store. One of the biggest disadvantages of the store is that it is very narrow and deep, and the jewelry display quantity of the customer is very large. How to make the maximum display quantity design in the limited space? The final consumers are mid end level, which requested the shop in a large amount of jewelry display, also a huge customers flow, so need a lot of cabinet and showcase, our designers use large amount of wall cabinets design, area to differentiate clearly, at the same time through short showcase, upright showcase and wall cabinet collocation to different administrative levels, with bright color of leather inside, contained in the design highlights the different and unique;

Trial Assembly Of Factory Finished Products

As soon as the production is completed and have trial installation, we assist customer to provide transportation services, when the goods arrived at customer shop, our professional installation team give the professional installation guideline, make the shop installed smoothly.

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