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If you choose a showcase supplier that is not good enough

it will lead to many problems and troubles.

  • Without a professional design and R&D team, and can not give professional advice in the early design stage and find problems from the root. The feasibility of the drawing scheme is poor, which often leads to various problems in the production of items and leads to imperfect design.

  • The servicer are not professional enough to understand the needs of customers, and the communication cost is very high, which extends the time cycle, directly affects the opening time, affects the brand effect of customers, and makes customers increase more costs.

  • In order to reduce costs, the worse materials are used. For example the hardware surface fade and rust after one or two months of use, which not only affects the display effect, but also affects the function. As a result, the whole store has to spend money to buy new ones, which costs a lot of time and money.

  • During delivery, some suppliers do not carefully check the products, which leads to the occurrence of missing items and wrong items in. Therefore, customers or users cannot get timely installation and use. Lead to products prone to substandard and unqualified products. Cannot be used as scheduled after arriving at the customer site. Cause unnecessary loss to customers.

  • After delivery, some suppliers are not honest, not timely treatment of problems, sometimes even go disappear, so that the buyer can not contact them, the problem can not be solved in time.  Find a variety of reasons to evade responsibility, escape or even choose to disappear, unable to help customers solve the problem in time.

What services can DG provide for you?


1. DG has always believed: "Only good management can have high quality products, only mastering advanced technology can manufacture fine products that meet the requirements of the times. We can provide OEM, ODM services, which is our core business, our production workshop has dust-free baking paint room, ash batch sanding workshop, wood processing, hardware workshop, equipment basically imported from Germany, stable and reliable quality. And combined with modern factories and skilled production staff to turn creativity into reality and manufacture showcases that meet the standard requirements.

2. DG can personalize according to your style, material, color and other requirements, so that each of your products, quality and quantity on time delivery, to ensure your smooth opening as scheduled. At the same time, DG uses the industry's advanced ERP system to manage the entire production process, for each order to take photos and video records of data, to ensure that the parameters of the unified standard for future return orders.

3. DG understands the special nature of international trade in which customers can not monitor the quality on site, how to make customers feel at ease about the quality, will be the focus before cooperation. We will allow online viewing of production progress to solve customers' worries. In terms of production, DG from the selection of materials there are 15 complicated procedures strictly production, 360 degrees without dead angle polishing, covering every line and every angle of the display cabinet, craftsmanship hand polishing excellence, even the smallest details are never perfunctory.

4. For the quality we will check the display showcase surface whether there are scratches, accessories use whether smooth and so on one by one for quality testing. Only 100% of the goods through the random inspection, before the large goods will be packaged. Including each product customization before the selection of materials, styles will sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure that your products are unique.

5. DG will simulate the installation of the products before they leave the factory to ensure that the goods can be installed smoothly when they reach the site. For in-stock products, we will send the goods to you within 7 days after we receive your payment. For custom products, delivery time is 15-45 days after receipt of your payment. This depends on the total quantity required. High output, efficient delivery capability and strong production capacity are always available to solve your urgent needs.

6. Considering that customers need to purchase more materials for the whole store, DG, with its 23 years of experience in the display industry, now has a mature and stable supply chain, from display cabinets to props packaging, decorative lamps and lanterns, furniture, carpets, curtains and other one-stop help you purchase all completed, each material carefully screened, each process strictly, to ensure product quality for you at the same time, save your time costs.

Research and development design

The appearance design of jewelry store is the source of customers' first impression. An excellent jewelry store design can be regarded as a weapon to attract customers. We have an excellent design team, through in-depth investigation and analysis of customer groups, in-depth understanding of customer image positioning, cultural positioning, service positioning and other aspects, can quickly help customers to find an accurate style positioning, help customers to create a unique store image. Enhance the brand experience in the process of customer purchase, so that you win at the starting line and easily surpass peers. Our designers not only pay attention to the space design of jewelry stores, but also pay attention to the scientific planning of the function layout of the store, so as to improve the utilization rate of space and make the perfect combination of the space function and aesthetic value of the jewelry store. At the same time, DG has an independent new product research and development team and long-term cooperation with foreign excellent designers, unremitting technical reform and process innovation.Design set practical, beautiful, fashion as one.We have advanced sense of innovation in order to seize the attention of consumers, stimulate consumption behavior. With a professional attitude, DG provides customers with one-stop service, creates more valuable exhibition solutions, and enhances the brand experience of customers in the purchasing process.

Global Installation

We can provide you with professional installation guidance services, with the most professional, high quality and efficient service, to escort the final effect of your store. Our installation team has undergone strict technical training, when installing showcases, we have our own set of strict and close installation sequence, comprehensive consideration of showcase use requirements, equipment situation, load nature and installation conditions and other factors, according to the drawings, 3D effect drawing reasonable planning space, to achieve economic and reasonable, safe and applicable, ensure quality, in line with aesthetics. For the safety distance between goods and goods, between goods and showcases and between goods and fire pipes, leave space for fire sprinklers. Modular product units will be turned into impeccable commercial space design by their professional installation. For those who cannot reach the site for installation under special circumstances, our professional installation team will provide you with detailed mock-up installation videos and installation steps, plus project managers to guide you one by one throughout the whole process to ensure your project lands perfectly.

After-sales maintenance

We can provide you with 24-hour perfect after-sales maintenance service and correct cleaning maintenance guidance.At the same time, we provide professional customer service personnel regular telephone return visit and provide lifelong maintenance.Our professional after-sales service can ensure that each product is in the best working condition, and provide timely technical consultation and information update. Truly help customers from multiple dimensions, serve customers, and give energy to customers.

What custom advantages does DG have?


DG firmly believes that a good brand is the representative of quality, the leader of quality and the creator of high-quality products. Therefore, for 23 years, it has always been based on integrity, seeking survival by quality, and winning the market by service. We always adhere to the: "create value for customers" concept.We do every link to provide every customer with the best quality service and products. DG has advanced production equipment, advanced management concept, high quality, high level of production team and has a strong research and development ability.We are a collection of research and development design, production, sales, service in one of the modern enterprise with professional production of high-end jewelry display showcase, watches showcase, museum showcase, luxury display showcases, and other fields. In the field of high-end showcase, it is the benchmark of the industry and recognized by the market and has become the designated partner of many international well-known brands. I hope that DG can continue to drive the market progress and create greater value for the society.

Research and development design

1.DG is set design research and development, production, sales as one of the enterprise with 1800m2 standard factory building.It is also the industry's first with German advanced production equipment manufacturers, equipped with more than 10 years industry experience in skilled production staff of more than 200 people.DG has strong research and development strength and production experience, with "innovative design, quality assurance" as the core value, provide customers with a comprehensive range of comprehensive services.Our Guangzhou headquarters set up research and development center and manufacturing base and has passed the SGS standard test, Germany "TUV" standard testing, "ISO" and other international quality management system certification. 2.DG on the basis of years of experience in international trade, with the product quality as the core, focus on the product itself and the results.With a long-term view of the market, we look at details and repeatedly consider materials, technology, design.Through the ERP system control from the raw material processing to finished product installation process, we strictly control each production process. 3.DG has a perfect design, development and service team. In order to meet the needs of high-end customers and the market, it will produce 10 new products every month to constantly give energy to customers. At present, it has more than 100 independent intellectual property rights (including 10 invention patents). DG has also formed strategic cooperation with many well-known brands at home and abroad and has become the designated supplier of many international well-known brand customers. 4.Good products must come from the perfect internal management of the enterprise with strong team cohesion.Because of a common dream, the DG team from all over the world, has become a respected enterprise in the global showcase industry, providing a successful stage for employees. DG's mission is to promote the industry progress and promote social development. 5. DG attaches great importance to customer service awareness and problem-solving ability, providing each customer with a team of one-to-one composed of project consultants, engineers and designers. Supported by professional skills and rich experience, they can quickly interpret the needs of customers and provide customers with professional and quality service. 6.DG with good reputation for many years, in the industry has a strong upstream and downstream supply chain resource advantage.Both from the upstream raw material supply or to the downstream transportation services, DG can through comprehensive, thoughtful, meticulous service to won the trust of customers and consumers and praise, establishing a good corporate image for the industry. 7.After 23 years of precipitation, DG has won the honor of "Loving Enterprise" and "Best Employer Award" and has made due responsibility and commitment to the society. In addition, DG also appeared on the China Southern Airlines Culture Media magazine, which is the only company in the industry with independent advertising in Chinese aviation media. The world display showcase follows China, the China display showcase follows DG.Do not forget the original intention, move forward, walk into DG, let you cognize again made in China

Intimate Services

In terms of unremitting technical reform and process innovation, DG brings the latest market information and experience to our customers. In each project, facing the problems and difficulties encountered by customers in emergency situations, DG responds first and solves them properly, providing customers with targeted solutions and a good consulting experience, which has won wide praise and favor in the market. the DG service team does not just listen to customers' opinions, but dares to express its opinions in the face of problems, discusses solutions together, expresses its true We are highly responsible for our clients' projects. With superb professionalism and communication understanding, the DG team can quickly interpret your needs. At the same time, DG can visit your home to carry out survey work, provide you with professional on-site installation, and escort the final presentation of your store with the most professional, high-quality and efficient service. When problems occur under normal use, DG will be happy to provide services, free warranty services, lifelong product maintenance, one-stop intimate after-sales service to ensure that you are assured, at ease, and save your mind. At the same time, we will have a customer service center uninterrupted return visits, to provide you with the latest market trends, to truly help customers from multiple dimensions, to serve customers, to provide customers with the most cost-effective one-stop store solutions.


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